Felipe Ramos Rizzo says he was the controversial referee in the Gold Cup final

ESPNJuly 16, 2023, 21:32 ETReading: 2 min.

ESPN’s referee expert pointed out that they didn’t score a penalty in Mexico’s favor, but Johan Vázquez’s red card was excused.

A neutral analyst Felipe Ramos Rizo Criticized Honduran whistleblowers Martinez saidIn the end Gold Cup 2023 between Mexico And PanamaIt was held at Sophie Ground.

Researcher ESPN He pointed to at least three actions that could change the course of a championship-defining match Gold Cup 2023.

For the first time, Felipe Ramos Rizo He pointed to a yellow card escape for Jorge Sanchez, after a diving self-pass into the area, the whistler waiting for a penalty.

“Jorge SÁNCHEZ deserved a yellow card for simulating a foul inside the penalty area,” wrote the former first division referee.

Henry Martin, Mexico vs. Gold Cup Final PanamaPA

Also, the former World Cup player pointed out that the Cremonese player is from Italy and plays in central defense. Mexican team, Johan Vázquez should have been sent off in the first half for an iron fist on the Panama attacker. Said Martinez, who was whistled, was only eligible for action with a yellow card.

The Mexican pointed out that Henry Martin’s goal had been overtaken by Luis Romo’s pass, thanks to the assist. VAR.

“The first half ends, they forgive him. The goal against Mexico was disallowed for Vásquez’s dismissal and offside”, assured the analyst. ESPN.

Felipe Ramos Rizo He also pointed out on social media that a penalty should have been awarded against Henry Martin, as the striker was about to make it 1-0 and received a foul in the small area, which prevented good contact. No foul was called.

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“He also missed this clear penalty on Henry Martin, no referee or VAR, what a flat iron,” said the former Mexican whistler.

Despite the umpiring mistakes in the final Gold CupMarker between Mexico And Panama It was a nil draw in the first half.

Felipe Ramos Rizo Considered “warning”, arbitrator concacafSait Martinez withdraws a yellow card after the whistle, thanks to the assist VARDespite the fact that only direct red cards can be reviewed.

“This Honduras referee said Martinez was awful, a lot of games for a referee with serious game control and driving issues, it’s dangerous to referee in @Concacaf,” he posted on his network. Ramos Rizo.

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