Jardine asks the managers to review the calendar due to the situation in Pachuca

Jardine lamented that Tusos have two crucial matches to face in Concacaf and Liga MX.

Pachuca — Coach America, Andre JardineHe asked the managers to review the calendar so that the next year would enjoy the situation PachucaIn which the Tusos They have to play in the semi-finals Concacaf Champions CupTuesday, and play two days later Play-in of Liga MX.

“I think it is not our decision, I regret that such decisive matches are played close to each other, it is not ideal, because three or four months, to reach a disadvantageous position, is not there. . Leaders, directors, must think about this for the next match, always about the players , think about the stars, always think about the effort the players put in, the physical wear and tear,” he opined. Andre JardineTechnologist America.

Despite the fact that Tusos, Andre Jardine In the semi-finals, he feels that playing his opponent is not an advantage Concacaf Champions Cup Up to three matches can be played in six days.

“No, there is no advantage, we are tied once, it will be decided in the details, we have to be in our best version, against an opponent we respect a lot,” said the Brazilian coach.

garden He has won only one game out of a possible five Guillermo Almada, while passing through Mexico. The Brazilian recognized the Uruguayan's work and hopes to turn the tables on the match at the Hidalgo Stadium.

“I spoke more than once, respect and admiration Guillermo Almada, its potential in the league is more than proven, it always provides a competitive team, I feel capable of competing and winning just like in the last tournament. “It's going to be a very tough game,” the coach said America.

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The only casualty Americato face PachucaThere is Nestor AraujoHe took a beating in training.

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