Meteorology confirms a short-lived typhoon in the municipality of Aguada

A short-lived tornado occurred around 3:10 PM today, Sunday full of waterConfirmed New day He National Weather Service (SNM), in San Juan.

“Preliminarily, from what we can see from the videos, this is going to be an EF-0 or EF-1 tornado.”SNM meteorologist Glorian Rivera explained.

An EF-0 has sustained winds of 65 to 85 miles per hour (mph); In an EF-1 rated tornado they increase from 86 to 110 mph.

Likewise, Rivera indicated that agency personnel will go to the area tomorrow to confirm the effects of the typhoon and confirm what the official classification is.


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Confirm the damage

For his part, through a press release, Aguada Mayor, CHRISTIAN CORTES FELICIANOThe cyclone caused damage to some wooden structures, as well as landslides near the resort, which caused the closure of a section of PR-441.

“As soon as the incident was registered, we activated the emergency protocol and municipal forces are in the area.” Mayer explained. “The event occurred today around 3:10 pm in the vicinity of Jagui and the cyclone passed through Pico de Pietra in the vicinity of Guanigulla, where it moved out to sea.”

At that time, the President said that personnel from the fire department Department of Public Safety There are power lines in the area. Likewise, it said personnel from the Aguada Municipal Police and the Office of Municipal Emergency Management (OMME) arrived to attend to the situation.

In addition, the contact urged Aguadeños affected by the typhoon to call 786-868-7000 from OMME to report damages.

A short-lived tornado was reported in Aguada town this afternoon, causing damage along its path. (provided)
In a press release, the mayor of Aguada, Cristian Cortés Feliciano, said that the typhoon caused damage to some wooden houses, as well as a landslide adjacent to the spa, closing a section of the PR-441. (provided)
Initially, it would be an EF-0 or EF-1 tornado, according to the National Weather Service. (provided)
Residents of Aguada Municipality have damaged their homes after the typhoon passed through. (provided)
Social media users posted videos of the moment the typhoon hit and people getting out of the water. (Video by Ada Monzon (Soniel Salazar))
Likewise, residents of Aguada reported damage to buildings. In the picture, a video capture shows the door of a business on the ground after the tornado passed. (Video by Ada Monzon (Soniel Salazar))

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