The White House has announced changes to its panel of advisers on immigration

The White House has announced additions to its immigration panel (AP).

The White House on Friday announced major changes to its panel of advisers on immigration issues in the United States, adding key figures on border control policies.

Blas Nunez-NetoFrom the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), where he served as Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy Marcela EscobariFormerly in charge of the Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean at the US Agency for International Development (USAID), he will join a White House task force promoting tools to reduce migration flows.

The move underscores the strategy of the Joe Biden administration Balancing Border Security with creation Legal paths For safe immigration.

Nuñez-Neto, who immigrated to the United States from Argentina in her childhood, has been a key figure in articulating the principles of what is considered “moderate.” END OF TITLE 42 And this Ease of entry for immigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti Under certain conditions.

The former deputy secretary of border policy and immigration sees the influx of foreigners as a major issue in the country, but understands the growing tensions over the lack of measures to keep pace with the latest changes through the 1986 reform. Ronald Reagan. That is why he will join the task force trying to change this situation and contribute with his history on the subject.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorgas praised her deep knowledge and experience, looking forward to her continued collaboration in her new role at the White House.

“Blas Nunez-Neto A colleague of great skill and dedication. He brings extensive knowledge of immigration policy and deep experience in foreign relations A unique and invaluable perspective For some of the more complex problems we face. He is deeply admired and loved, and while we will miss him here at DHS, we look forward to working closely with him in his well-deserved new role at the White House,” Mayorkas said in a statement. A warm welcome.

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“We look forward to DHS Undersecretary Blas Núñez-Neto joining the White House and implementing the administration's vision in the areas of border security and immigration,” said White House spokesman Angelo Fernández-Hernández.

Bolivian-born Marcela Escobari, for her part, stands out for her work USAID Managing the regional response to the displacement of millions and facing significant challenges such as political pressures during the Trump administration and responding to post-pandemic economic challenges in Latin America.

At USAID, he began his work to effectively address Development Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean from A broad and inclusive vision. Its focus on promoting sustainable development in the region reflects the importance of focus Basic Reasons for Migration and Strengthening Local Economies.

Now, he replaces former National Security Council adviser Katie Tobin, who announced her resignation in January.

Experts join task force to improve immigration system and border security (EFE)

“Marcella has had a major impact on USAID's work in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are grateful that he will bring his vision and commitment to USAID to the White House. Will work tirelessly to effect policy changeDennis Vega, USAID's deputy administrator, commented.

The additions to the White House's panel of immigration advisers come amid tensions and challenges in immigration management, both domestically and in relations with countries in the Americas, including Mexico under the Andrés Manuel administration. Escobari's new role will include liaison with the López Obrador governmentThe Biden administration has shown a willingness to take a humanitarian approach, particularly on development policies, while recognizing Mexico's cooperation on border control.

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Following the announcement, the White House issued a statement reiterating its confidence in the contributions Núñez-Neto and Escobari will bring to their new positions. “The administration will continue to fight to fix a broken immigration system and press Republicans in Congress to ratify the historic bipartisan border security deal that they rejected for partisan political reasons,” they concluded.

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