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A simple experiment opened the door to a type of infinite energy

An AI-generated image illustrating the Casimir effect

Since the origin of the universe, the properties of matter and the elements of the universe have eluded us. An example is the elusive dark matter that inhabits 85% of the universe. Also, there are Laws in it prevent performing such feats Travel at the speed of lightAlthough a new The study suggests that this is possible Sometimes.

Quantum physics can achieve the speed of light

First thing to be clarified Where does the concept of energy in a vacuum come from?, which is said to be used for feats only seen in science fiction films. For this we need to talk about what we are called to do Casimir effect.

Hendrik Casimir had a curious idea for an experiment: Joins two pieces of metal at a very close distance And wait. He soon realized that the fragments They joined, it's like a magic trick. There was no effect of gravity, tension, or magnetism, but instead a discovery seemed to be made. Vibration in a quantum field It comes from the vacuum of space-time.

Since Casimir's work, scientists around the world have been able to figure it out There is a type of infinite energy That Impregnates fabric It creates universe. It is a The patent was granted in 2002 It showed how it was possible to create a device can Capture energy from the Casimir effect and converted into a generator.

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He US governmentThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in particular, was immediately interested in this patent and according to Scientific Americanprovided 10 million dollars for researchers To further explore the Casimir effect.

When we mention we're not talking about crazy science fiction Travels at the speed of light. A Article published in Popular Mechanics examines that Potential to create What is called Curve motorIt uses the infinite energy of the vacuum to bend space-time at will.

Miguel AlcubierreMexican theoretical physicist, published in 1994 by A Article consultable on arXiv media In this Describes the machine as mathematically feasible. Indeed, his description of technology invites us to dream of reaching new cosmic frontiers:

I proposed a 'geometry' that would allow faster-than-light travel when viewed from a distance. In short, the space behind the object we want to move expands and contracts in front. This creates a 'bubble' of deformed space within which an object, a ship, can reside.

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