Microsoft officially launches Windows 11

For several weeks, Microsoft On this day, Thursday, June 24, he announced the release date of “New Generation Windows”.

From that moment on, rumors began to circulate that it would be the latest version of its operating system to bear the name of Windows 11. These gained strength with a series of leaked images ranging from the company to the expected confirmation.

Microsoft has officially released Windows 11 with a virtual event broadcast around the world. According to the company, it has a significant aesthetic change compared to its safer version and other versions.

This is Windows 11

Microsoft’s new operating system offers a new look compared to the previous version of Windows 10.

The updated design of the Start menu is one of the most notable features. This area, which was traditionally located on the left, has changed position and format and is now displayed in the center of the screen.

Windows 11

The good news is, if you do not believe it all, you can change the location of the menu and its applications and place them at the bottom left of the screen as usual.

The taskbar changes space and leaves its corner right in the center of the menu, giving minimal design to the new layout with transparency, textures and more aesthetic changes.

Windows 11 introduces a new window and folder system that is more user-friendly and customizable.

Windows 11

For your part, now is a great way to thank windows for Snap layouts and Snap groups. The first allows the screen to be split between all the user’s applications, while the second creates static configurations with a group of them to enable while working.

Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to use Microsoft Teams by default from the taskbar, and additionally provides a clear change Widgets News, weather, calendar and more.

The new system also offers significant improvements in the field of video games. Windows 11 comes with Auto-HDR support, which includes direct storage and the Xbox GamePass utility, in addition to the xCloud or Cloud service, which is detected by default on the computer.

Dictoc Windows 11

Another important innovation is that Android applications come directly to the computer and are downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

New Microsoft Store

In this edition, the technology presents an updated Microsoft Store with a new aesthetic, as well as new animations based on updated logos and fluent design.

The changes are not just on an aesthetic level. Microsoft’s idea is to make its App Store an attractive place for developers to launch their apps.

So, among the major innovations:

  • Developers offer the ability to publish unpacked Win32 applications in .Exe and .MSI formats. This translates to the possibility of uploading applications to the store without changing its code.
  • Allow them to move both their apps and updates from their own CDN.
  • Provide developers access to third-party business sites for their applications.

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