The Yankees won the series against the Royals behind Gary and the judge

NEW YORK – Aaron Judge finished first in his three wins in the afternoon as Gary Sanchez knocked it out for the second game in a row as the New York Yankees lost 8-1 on Thursday for the first time in a month. For the Kansas City Royals team.

The judge triggered the offense with his solo win, with Luke White splitting a third, and Sanchez sent off a home run with a Homer, which made three touchdowns in the sixth.

New York have not won more than four runs since they beat the Chicago White Sox 7-0 on May 22.

Jameson Dylan (2-4) had the longest journey of the year, covering 6 1/3 innings and finishing the series with eight opening draws. He allowed one run, five wins and two walks, scoring six outs.

Nestor Cortez Jr. finished with six wins by playing an innings without 2 2/3.

Brad Keller (6-8) took the backhand by allowing Kansas City four runs in five innings, wanting to win the series against New York for the first time since 2015.

The Yankees have won seven of nine and are trailing seven of the eight wins as of Wednesday.

For the Royals, Venezuela’s Salvador Perez is 4-0. Dominicans Carlos Santana 3-0, Hansel Alberto 3-2.

For the Yankees, Sanchez is 5-2, two runs and three Reserve Banks. The Venezuelan rugged stench of the Reserve Bank 4-3.

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