Osorio pointed to three U.S. players after the league defeat

USA from Galle They lost 2-1 to Bukaramanga in a game where the red box did not stand up well. Led by Juan Carlos Osorio They were not right on the pitch, however, and the coach defended the idea of ​​his players, although he pointed to the behavior of three footballers, who precisely created a defensive line: Pablo Artis, Marilyn Torres and Andrade.

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“For us, A 23-year-old defensive line, not what we expected. We continue to work to improve that part of the field. The changes we made were successful and were not the beginning of the game. My responsibility, I agree we did not start in the second half. ” Assured to the coach, he reiterated that the rotation of football players is important to find a better performance.

According to a journalist United States Exceedingly, Osorio defended his position and confirmed that the reds were the best and deserving of victory, but it was not achieved by details.

“I do not agree with that. In terms of possession and attitude in the opposing field the team is infinitely higher than the competitor. The result was not like the growth of the game, we were superior in the first half and superior in the second end.

The coach continued in his analysis and explained that the main problem of the centers is to get out with the ball to create the first advantage. America at the party.

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“That opinion is not very consistent. Defensive Court 3 Centers and Louis Pass … Does the cycle seem to need to be activated now? No, it should be the opportunity and responsibility of the most experienced to get out of this situation, ”he concluded.

United States He is in eleventh place with 14 points and zero goal difference from eleven games.

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