Shakira reveals the day Mana refused to record La Tortura

Thanks for such songs Torture, Loba, Intuition, TQG and MarksmanshipHis name occupies the highest positions in the music charts, which allowed me to perform his hits on the biggest stages worldwide. Super Bowl.

During his musical career he collaborated with other great artists and created songs that were sung by hundreds or thousands of people, thus managing to be contemporary to every era in his more than 30-year career.

Although today more than one world-class artist wants to collaborate with her, it was not always the case, a few years ago a band refused to sing a song like hers. revealed In an interview In it he talked about a little-known detail of his musical career.

A band that didn't want to record a song with Shakira

This was revealed in a conversation with Kali. Music podcastIn addition to promoting his new album Women don't cry anymoreHe recalls that in the past a Mexican band didn't want to record their big hit with him Torture.

Shakira has mentioned that she tried to record with Mana at the time, but they weren't interested in collaborating with her, so she looked for it after that. Alejandro Sanz, it was one of his biggest hits.

Torture was the first collaboration that came together. Photo: Twitter @alejandrosanz. | Photo: Photo: Twitter @alejandrosanz.

Additionally, he noted that the band sought him out to record after several years my truthA hit song.

“I remember when I called Alejandro Sanz to do it Torture I called Mana and they said no, then they called me to do it my truth, but it was true at the time, when he invited Alejandro, which was also successful, there was no collaboration and reggaeton had just begun, something very segregated for Puerto Rico. We did TortureI remember it was very successful in Spain, but reggaeton was not popular in Spain yet, there were many prejudices against reggaeton. Torture It's a reggaeton, what happened, we added Alejandro Sanz to cover it up a bit,” the artist noted.

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