Roman Cota’s Bondera activities were carried out with the Espacio Migrante Civic Association

Mexicali, British Columbia, July 16, 2024. – “As a deputy, it is my duty to represent and guarantee the interests of all citizens, regardless of their origin or immigration status,” said Representative Roman Cota Muñoz, presenting a position on the activities carried out jointly with the Espacio Migrante Civic Association in Baja California.

He highlighted in the Highest Tribune of the State Congress that migration is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that requires a comprehensive approach and collaboration of various actors to achieve just and humane solutions.

In this sense, he stressed that cooperation with the aforementioned association had great support for progress in building inclusive policies and respect for people’s rights in the context of mobility.

“Thanks to working together, we have made great progress on immigration issues, and have worked on an initiative to reform the state education law in order to facilitate access to education for people in the context of
Mobility, as well as the reform of the Basic Law of the Executive Authority.

Roman Cota argued that it was the purpose of establishing continuous training of state employees in this matter, which was presented during the plenary session of the State Congress, on June 22 of the current year.

In addition, he recalled that the inauguration of the first immigrant parliament was promoted by Espacio Migrante and his inauguration session was held in this state congress on April 14 this year.

The first immigrant parliament meets with interpretation and in four meetings
Different languages ​​such as: French, Creole, Spanish and English, made up of people in the course of mobility from El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Togo and Congo, which converge in Baja California.

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“Similarly, we intend to work together to train public officials on the human rights of migrants, as well as laws and policies that promote equal opportunity, access to education, medical care, and social inclusion of immigrants in our societies,” he concluded.

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