What is the level of electoral boycott at the presidential level in the last 6 elections?

From 2000 to 2020, the Dominican Republic It has seen six presidential elections Electoral Roll. Statistics of Neglect reflects Proportion of Citizens Those who choose not to exercise their right to vote.

In 2000, they were invited to vote 4,251,218 people, out of which 76.14% exercised their right to vote. Four years later, in the 2004 elections, the participation rate dropped slightly to 72.84%. Number of voters increased to 5,020,703. The polling was 27.16%.

By 2008, the electoral roll had grown to 5,764,387 voters; However, the Participation rate Still less. The NeglectHence, it has increased to 28.56%.

2012 did not mark a reversal of this trend. Although slightly increased Total number of voters, the participation rate was reduced to 70.15%, with 29.85% abstaining. In 2016, the country saw low participation with a rate of 69.60%, with 30.40% not voting.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic COVID-19, The Presidential election They marked one Historical landmark: The country recorded its highest turnout since the end of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo's dictatorship in 1961.

with a Electoral Roll It reached 7,529,932 VotersWith nearly half a million of them abroad, the country saw a turnout of 55.29%, with non-voters rising significantly to 44.71%.

Before these ElectionsThe lowest participation was recorded in 1990, 40%, then it fluctuated between 20% and 31%, which was recorded in 2016.

A high level of non-voting in the municipal elections held in March 2020 has also been linked to the situation by analysts. COVID-19. The containment measures implemented by many countries due to the pandemic also significantly reduced the participation of Dominicans abroad, as voting was suspended in some regions.

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This Sunday, May 19, 8,105,151 Dominicans were invited to participate Presidential and Legislative ElectionsAround 1,795 candidates contested for 243 listed electoral posts.

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