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Gregorio Bernia, better known as “El Diti”, expects the winner of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos to be the inhabitant of the fourth earth: Maribili Rivera or Rodrigo Rome and “according to him, if they don't give, it will be very annoying to the public.

The Colombian actor, who voluntarily left the Telemundo reality show on February 21, highlighted that Borigua should be crowned Hurricane Champion.

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Psychiatrist Vivian Carla assures that “Maribili must win” in the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF).

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Julega Rivera and Stephanie Del Valle were crowned Miss Universe and Miss World respectively, wearing Carlos Alberto dresses. The design…

“If I'm not, Maribili is there. The important thing is that the prize will be on the fourth earth… I'm happy that the person with whom I signed is in the finals,” he commented regarding the Puerto Rican in an interview with Tia a Tia on Telemundo.

“In reality 'Maribile and Rome are strong',” the artist insisted, and reiterated that “the opposition (known as Dier's followers) could suffer” in the event of a different result tonight.

He estimated that support for the businessman would allow him to run for “Governor of Puerto Rico.”

As for his top 3, he reckons it should be led by Maribili, followed by Rome. He was assigned third place.

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Venezuela said it was shocked by the withdrawal from the LCDLF.

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José Reyes, known as “La Melaza”, was expelled from the sixteenth La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF) and apologized to Puerto Rico for that way.

Tonight, after 119 days, the winner of the fourth edition of LCDLF will be revealed.

Lupillo Rivera, Alana Literas and Geraldine Bazan completed the list of finalists.

In this edition, the first three places will have briefcases worth $200,000, $100,000 and $50,000.

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