Colombia lost their unbeaten run to Brazil in the South American U-20 Women's tournament.

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The Columbia exam 0-1 loss against Brazil For the third date hexagonal end, of South American Sub-20 It is controversial in Ecuador.

The rivals' goal came in the 35th minute, with a header, a free kick taken. Rebecca Costa Will come from above and win against Centrals Goalkeeper Luisa AguteloHe saw the ball enter the goal.

This way, Brazil added three more points and cemented itself as the leader of the hexagon with 9 points. Colombia followed with 6.

first thing in the morning, Venezuela beat Peru 6-1 The fight continues at the World Cup in Colombia from August 31 to September 23.

The dedication ends at Kyauk.

Min 90: Seven more minutes will be played in the second half.

Min 88: Almost and Mary Jose Alvarez To equalise, at the other end, he shot the ball but it was saved by a Brazilian defender.

Yellow for Maria Lemos from Brazil, for a foul on Yesica Muñoz.

Yellow card for Marzia RaposoFor a foul on Yesica Munoz.

Min 81: Good Luisa Agutelo, After a corner kick, Kanali won from the top, but the goalkeeper came to save.

Min 77: Double change for Colombia Unaira Lopez and Mariana Silva go to the field, so Cynthia Cabezas and Carla Torres leave.

Min 74: High temperatures in Guayaquil halted the commitment to rehydrate the players.

Min 70: A change in Colombia. Mayte Lopez leaves the field so Yesica Munoz enters.

Min 65: Yellow card for Carla Torres.

Change in Brazil, Giovana Canali entered, Gisele Silva left the field.

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Min 63: Colombia save, A bad return from the defense, Mary Jose Alvarez tried to clear, it went wrong, but Vendito finished badly.

Min 58: Mid distance shot by Gabriela RodriguezRarely and manages to match actions in commitment.

Min 57: Change in Colombia Ana Miley Gonzalez enters and Liz Caterin Osorio leaves the field.

In Brazil's retaliation, he left the field after 55 minutes Laura Dantas for Marcia Raposo's entry.

Min 55: Colombia have the ball, But it cannot reach the goal of Brazil, which is trying to defend itself well and create danger in the coffee region.

Min 52: Yellow card To Cynthia Cabezas from Colombia and Gisele Silva from Brazil.

The second half was played, Colombia press the wings in search of Brazil's goal to clinch the tie.

Colombia is preparing a second transition While in Guayaquil, Karla Vianza goes to the field and Daniela Garavido leaves the field.

Min 45+5: First half over And Colombia narrowly lost it in the 35th minute when Rebecca Costa's header put the Brazilians ahead.

Min 45+2: Cristina Motta's shot, From mid-range, it goes of course, but Colombia insists on finding the tie.

Min 45: Four minutes will be played in the first half.

Min 41: Coach Carlos Baniagua He receives a yellow card because he complains to Spanish central defender Olad Rivera that he allows the Brazilians to score too much.

Minute 40: Colombia didn't underplay their hands, but it wasn't accurate in the last move in search of a tie.

Min 35: Rebecca Costa, header. He beats the Colombian defenders and goalkeeper Luisa Agutelo is absent, and Brazil move up the scoreboard.

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Minute 31: It is already being played again at the Alberto Spencer Stadium in Guayaquil.

Minute 30: The game stoppage is used to hydrate both teams.

Min 29: At the Spanish headquarters for the match, the Brazilian goalkeeper fell to the ground and the Brazilian medical team entered to treat her.

Min 26: Colombia arrive A move from Maithe Lopez opened the scoring, which Carla Torres failed to connect.

Min 23: Victoria Amaral from Brazil, With Luisa Agutelo already beaten to the ball, she nearly sealed the score with a mid-range shot that hit the top post, and Colombia were saved.

Min 19: First dangerous move in the Colombian area, Diagonal Milena arrived, but the shot was blocked by Luisa Agutelo in two periods.

Min 15: Colombia He focuses on the mark and retrieves the ball far from the goal which is defended by Luisa Agutelo.

In the first ten minutes Committed, the Colombian national team press hard and recover the ball from midfield to create danger in Brazil's area.

Brazil came close only in one isolated game, but the national defense responded well and sealed the result.

The Brazilians are appealing for a strong game and they are already uncomfortable because they cannot control the ball that belongs to Colombia.

Colombia goes with Luisa Fernanda Agutelo; Cristina Motta, Stefania Perlaza, Mary Jose Alvarez, Cynthia Cabezas; Liz Katerine Osorio, Juana Ortegón, Daniela Garavito, Gabriela Rodríguez, Maithe López and Karla Torres.

Colombia had already beaten Brazil 2-1 in the group stage.

Grief, listed by many beginning endStarts at 6:30 pm (Colombia time) and can be seen in the country on and Caracol and RCN HD2 television signal.

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