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The triangular technician wants to use the FIFA date to keep his machine in perfect condition.


Ecuador will go out to play tomorrow, Monday, to strengthen its football machinery, with it crushing Uruguay and Colombia in qualifying rounds, while Bolivia will try to reconsider the 2-3 matches they lost in La Paz. People of Ecuador.

The coach of the Ecuadorian national team, Argentina Gustavo Albaro, wants to use the FIFA date and the local friendship against Bolivia to keep his machine in perfect condition when the next matches of the South American qualifiers against Venezuela and Chile are set.

Alfaro led Ecuador (September to November) as an armed machine to the Ecuadorian team, making his debut as a machine that complicated his opponents from a 1-0 defeat with Argentina, and then won 4-2 at home on his trip to Uruguay, Bolivia 2-3 and Covito Historically significant 6-1.

Mourning tables

13:30 Of angels

15:30 From Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Chicago

16:30 From New York, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay

18:30 From Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brasilia

19:30 From the UK

20:30 From France, Spain, Italy and Germany

Utility to watch TV channels and games

  • TV Cable (App Extreme)
  • Directv TV (App Directv GO)
  • Of course
  • CNT
  • Movistar Play
  • Web light

Led by Ecuador’s experienced goalkeeper Alexander Tomanzuez (33) and midfielder Christian Nobova (35), the Bolivian team’s current scorer is senior Marcelo Moreno Martins (33) with 23 goals.

The local team wants their competitors to have “a little bit of fear” in their quest to qualify for the World Cup, which is why they will go out to “win or not win” because it will always be the team’s proposal and its coach, Argentina Gustavo Albaro.

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“I want to win even in training sessions,” Albaro said recently, adding that he has nine footballers who are active in foreign clubs, although he suffered a loss during training due to injury to left-handed Pervis Estubian. Returned to his team, the Spanish Villarreal.

The match saw Ecuadorian Argentina midfielder Damien Diaz (34) become the main figure in the Pro League in the 2020 tournament with the Barcelona shirt, with which he amassed three titles (2012, 2016 and 2020).

Bolivia, commanded by Brazilian Cruciro’s striker Moreno Martின்nez, will once again compete with a squad that includes senior goalkeeper Carlos Lambe (34) and striker Juan Carlos Ars (35).

The Highland team will be impressed after they complicated Chile with their game proposal last Thursday, with which they lost 2-1, in another friendship, a good proposal from Venezuela coach Caesar Farias and a goal from Moreno Martின்nez.

Farias’ goal is to find the best team to start the qualifying rounds again, escaping last place in the qualifying table and improving in a special way, in the defensive module, from four games where he scored 12 goals and scored five goals.

One of the innovations in Bolivia will be in the defense of Jose and 27-year-old Jose Sacredo twins.

Strategists Alfaro and Farias did not give an overview of the lines they will present tomorrow, but it is expected to begin with the following technical paper:

Possible rows:

Ecuador: Alexander Tomanjuez; Pablo Perlasa, Luis Fernando Lyon, Felix Torres, Lionel Queens; Dixon Arroyo, Christian Nobova, Angel Mena, Fidel Martinez; Jose Carabali and Michael Estrada. DT: Gustavo Albaro.

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Bolivia: Carlos Lambe; Diego Bezrano, Gabriel Valverde, Ronnie Montero, Jose Sacredo; Alejandro Sumacero, Roberto Fernandez, Lionel Justiniano, Gilbert Alvarez; Juan Carlos Ars and Marcelo Moreno Martins. DT: Caesar Farias

Referees: John Ospina (Colombia), with the help of his comrades Sebastian Vela and John Galego. The fourth officer was Alex Kazas of Ecuador.

Ground: In Banco de Cuaco, owned by the Independent del Valle Club.

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