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Ancelotti's men have a winning mystique that has made the Spanish synonymous with pride.. They don't need to be smart, attractive or tactically sophisticated to win. They win even with a third goalkeeper. That combination of strength and inevitability was born Di Stefano And, more recently, by Cristiano Ronaldo, must be the most important soccer capital of Europe. City, a nouveau riche in these respects, must practice the reverse function: prove, in every game, that Abu Dhabi money is well invested. This time it wasn't enough: although Guardiola gave a sense of superiority, it didn't translate to the scoreboard.

But the semifinals won't be easy (none). One of the few groups that sees meringues without complexes Bayern Munich, who are already playing the season in Europe with the undefeated Bundesliga. Tuchel's men showed against Arsenal that they cope well in any situation: going to the press, giving possession away, going on the counter-attack, whatever. Neuer, De Ligt, Gorezka, Musiala and Kane form a very solid vertical column, and the group drops back and folds to suit the occasion. There is a lot of maturity in those teams, which allows Sané, Kimmich or Gnabry to be decisive. Arsenal's case is the opposite: with goalkeeper Raya showing insecurity and a young squad unfamiliar with Europe, the team has fallen prey to stage fright. Early efforts were subordinated to the Munich trade. Xavi's last game sums it up well: with the goalkeeper in the contest area and a corner in support, Saka, the Gunners star, sends a short ball to the near post.

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Possible line-up for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-final first leg.

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The other semi-finalist has a clear preference PSG. Luis Enrique's side ended their classic game against Barcelona in fine form. An innocent mistake by Araújo contributed to the imbalance, but the Catalans didn't have the nerve to hold on to the advantage. Knowing how to defend is also about playing football well, and this is where we believe Xavi failed, disposing of Yamal and calling for a counter-play that his team was unprepared for. The pressure on Cancelo and Kante was high on the wings and the Parisians took advantage of the help of an excellent Vidinha. On the next key the French should hold on to that position Borussia Dortmund Flat, albeit inferior on paper. The Germans have maximized their potential with a boost of character that Simeone lacks, but they have reached their peak and seem to be an example above their level.

Dream final, sick final, Real Madrid against PSG. For Mbappé's future, of course. But the football gods know that even in the semi-finals you write straight lines with crooked lines.


Champions League Semi Final Dates and Timings:

Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid

Date: Tuesday, April 30

Time: 2 PM (Peruvian Time)

TV: ESPN – Star+

Borussia Dortmund vs. PSG

Date: Wednesday, May 1

Time: 2 PM (Peruvian Time)

TV: ESPN – Star+

Champions League Semi Final Dates and Timings:

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