Leo Fernandez leaves the Tigers! El Morterito returns to Toluca

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Status of Leo Fernandez in Tigris, Where he can do a little bit and Will return to Toluca By the end of 2022, we hope to have resumed the status quo shown in the Mexican capital in 2020.

Club circles confirmed it There is already an agreement between the clubs to dress Morterito back in crimson And he only has to report to the steering committee and sign the contract Ignacio Ambris.

Devils They have been knocking on the door of the Tigers for months Sign in Uruguay and It’s definitely on sale after a year and a half of wearing Auriazul, Where he did not convince Ricardo Ferretti or Miguel Herrera and was a little orderly.

உருகுவேயன் I did not enter into the plans of Miguel Herrera Next match and The board was ready to sell it It was a matter of time before the exchange took place, when his colleagues from Gorizeros knocked on the door.

During the three matches Leo added 35 games, In which he started only 15 games and did not exceed a thousand minutes, only 1,300 and one goal in this period.

Leo returned to the club where he shone the most as a player as he scored eight goals in the 10 games he played in Clausura 2020. The darling of scarlet fans, Who listens back every semester.

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