Fernando Alonso explodes against Checo Perez for a maneuver in practice at Monaco

Fernando Alonso He once again played one of the best radio moments of the day during his first free practice sessions Monaco Grand Prix.

While swerving is almost inevitable on the narrow and narrow roads of the principality, drivers know when it can be avoided and when the car in front is slightly “in the way”. And if we talk about a Aston Martin Against A Red bullFirst and second of all this year, because the controversy is ready.

Alonso’s angst against Checho

Checo Perez “nuisance” and Alonzo is the hunter On a fast lap, the Mexican showed his annoyance on the radio with his team, not moving on his slow lap.

“These guys are incredible, incredible!” He radioed his engineer, referring to Chekhov, who had not disembarked at Mirabeau before entering the tunnel.

“Calm down, you’ve done your best,” they tried to calm him down.

“I don’t care! I’ll be in the middle of the line on my slow lap”, was the final phrase of an angry Alonso who decided to take revenge.

Q3 and the FIA ​​pays attention to red flags

Another big problem is that in the last two years, pole positions have been decided by two crashes in Q3. This year there is a novelty and a clear announcement on this subject FIA For this Saturday.

“What the pilots tried to put on the table was a rule,” he says Carlos Sainz, who finished the best time in free practice. “When you’re on the front row at the first attempt, you always go second, less to lose with the others. It’s true what the FIA ​​already told us in Baku, this year they’re going to look at it. A magnifying glass and knowing it’s medium, they’re going to review it deliberately, but it’s How will they know if it’s intentional or not?” asks the man from Madrid.

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The logical thing to do is to remove the injured person’s two best times in that session Indycar, which sends you below the top 10 in the final round. This will put an end to the doubt as to whether it was intentional or accidental.

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