Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati Win Their First Latin Grammy Award

Soda StereoCreated by the iconic Argentine rock band Gustavo Serrati, Zeta Bosio And Charlie AlbertiReceived his first Latin Grammy Last Sunday, November 12, at an event held in Seville, Spain. In fact, three Argentine musicians were awarded the Music Excellence Award due to their careers, their influence on various Latin American artists, and their legacy of being considered a musical legend in their compositions.

During the awarding ceremony, two members Soda Stereo They fondly remember the band’s leader and singer. Gustavo SerratiHe had been in a coma since May 2010 and died in 2014 after collapsing at a concert in Caracas. Cerati He is responsible for the music and provides vocals for the band, which has made thousands of fans jump around the world.

“We want to have fun as three children. We worked a lot, dedicated our lives to it, and there was nothing ahead of this. That’s why I’m so grateful to those who were around, because they had to endure it all,” he began. Zeta BosioBassist off Soda StereoAfter receiving the award.

In that way, Bozio sent messages of “love and affection” to the people who cooperated with the mission. Gustavo Serrati During his time with Soda Stereo. “We need Gustavo tonight more than ever because he is our voice, the genius that led us forward, the one who gave the lyrics to the songs. It is really a cloak that covers us and does not accompany us everywhere we go,” he added.

Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Pozzio and Charlie Alberti form Soda Stereo. | Source: Facebook (Soda Stereo)

Soda Stereo broke up before the Latin Grammys

It is noteworthy that this is the first Latin Grammy Receiving Soda Stereo Because the awards were established after the split from the group in 1995, they were not considered in earlier awards.

Throughout his career, Soda Stereo He has left an extensive discography, countless concerts and numerous accolades to his credit. However, the Recording Academy offered him nothing Latin GrammyUntil now, its members highlighted the award by thanking all the in-charges and fans.

“A thousand thanks to the Academy for this recognition, this dream Grammy. “Like we said, we didn’t think we’d get it because of how things turned out, but the truth is, it’s a big surprise and we’re very grateful,” he said. Charlie Alberti.

“To all members of the Academy, thank you very much. They have made us very happy with this recognition. Thanks for remembering us. Thank you very much,” he emphasized. Zeta Bosio.

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