Victoria Ruffo will be a grandmother, but estranged from her husband

actress Victoria Rufo She told the media that she will not follow her politician husband Omar FayyadTo Norway, he now serves as Mexico's ambassador, and explained the reasons for that decision.

The actress told local media 'TV Notas': “I am very happy for him and his life, but I have everything here: my children, my career, my work, my family. “We will be apart for a while, but we will always support each other.”

For the 'Sale El Sol' show, Rufo explained: “He's there, I'm working here, and we've always made sure that our jobs are very independent, sometimes we can be together, sometimes not.”

Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayed married in 2001 and had two children together. At the end of last year, there were many rumors about a possible divorce, however, the artist denied them: “Very well, we have a good relationship. We are both very mature married. The truth is, we laugh at the rumours, because the day it happens, it will obviously happen, and if it happens, that's it.”

She is very active and is very happy with her life as she is about to start a tour with the play 'Los Leonas': “I am grateful that they invited me to work. This is a great text, but next Angelica Aragon, Ana Patricia Rojo, Maria Patricia“I'm really, really happy.”

In addition, she revealed that she is currently in menopause: “It is difficult, but fans, fans and clothes can solve everything. I carry my fan everywhere. I can't deal with this heat they experience in Mexico City.

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He also said that he hopes to return to the small screen soon: “I love doing novels. I love that people are interested in projects, but I want to come up with something cool. I am grateful that my novels continue to be published and enjoyed by the public after so many years. “That's why they should be enjoyed.”

Victoria told 'TV Notas' that she was very excited about her granddaughter's arrival: “It's a big illusion that we're all home. We are ready to welcome her and take great care of her. It's a dream come true”.

He also said that he is very happy to see the changes in his son Jose Eduardo Terbes: “He has become a real man, and I am very surprised by this new part: how he cares for Paola, how he knows, the responsibility he has. He is another human being, and that makes me very happy.

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