It removes one of its cameras and replaces it with digital zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has the best photography in its class with a quad-camera module at the back. The Galaxy S25 Ultra can change all that: I will only use three cameras instead of four The Korean manufacturer has installed some of its best mobile phones in recent years.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a 200 Mpx main lens, 10 Mpx telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, a 50 Mpx periscopic telephoto lens With 5x optical zoom and 12 Mpx ultra wide angle. If Samsung wants to improve the 10x optical zoom and 5x zoom compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it will follow the same path with the next Galaxy S25 Ultra.

Shared by Leaguer @ISAQUES81 Three new features of the Galaxy S25 Ultra camera system And Samsung will test a prototype of its upcoming flagship. The S25 Ultra has only three cameras on the back. All three cameras are important, with an ultra-wide angle and a single periscopic telephoto lens.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Happened with Battery AI The solution it wants to add to its next flagship is to improve the device's energy efficiency with the help of artificial intelligence, thus allowing it the luxury of adding a battery with the same capacity as the S24 Ultra. Manufacturer Want to get rid of the telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. I will cover the use of digital zoom.

Galaxy S25 Ultra's Triple Cameras

As mentioned, the Galaxy S24 Ultra replaces the 10 Mpx telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. 50 Mpx with 5x optical zoom. It aims to replicate the 10x optical zoom experience of long-range photography by enhancing photography with AI when digital zoom is used.

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The main camera will continue to use the same sensor size and resolution, although it can capture more light with a larger aperture. As more light enters the sensor, better photos are produced in different environments and they are sharper.

A periscopic telephoto camera uses a larger sensor The most notable change is the addition of variable zoom over the Galaxy S24 Ultra to improve detail in zoom captures. The aim is to create a large image on the sensor without cropping it, ensuring that detail is not lost when zoomed in.

The leaker also shared the Galaxy S25 Ultra I will use two fixed focal lengths: The first is between 4 and 5x zoom and the second between 6 and 7x zoom. A digital zoom that replaces the S24 Ultra's 3x optical zoom telephoto lens, usable for values ​​between two standard focal lengths. Another one of Samsung's 'tricks' is step GismosinaThe two focal lengths are very close to each other so there should be no loss of image quality with digital zoom.

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