University of New England students receive a conference on equipment needed for a confined space rescue plan

Petroleum and Environmental Engineering students participated in a conference entitled “Connected Space Rescue Plan Equipment” presented by Engineer Alfredo Bautista Hernandez from Accesst Training Center.

During the talk, the expert shared with the students of the Engineering and Chemical Sciences Department his knowledge of the risks when working in confined spaces and the appropriate measures that should be taken to prevent injuries and diseases.

Additionally, share important statistics about workplace incidents and anecdotes related to the central topic. Pointing out that 60 percent of accidents in the company occur due to ignorance.

He pointed out that confined spaces are dangerous because their design may be unsafe and may contain harmful materials, affect breathing, increase the risk of fires, or limit the employee’s ability to enter and exit easily. Hence the importance of students of intellectual property and internal audit learning directly the procedures. Preventing accidents and how to act in a rescue plan.

During the talk, specific examples of equipment that companies use on a daily basis were given to avoid eventualities that could take the lives of company employees.

Director of Petroleum and Environmental Engineering Mtro. Estuardo Uribe Villarreal, Area Director of Chemical Engineering and Sciences, Dr. Jaime Alfredo Mariano Torres, Mtra. Melissa Malibran Dominguez and the teachers of the respective courses.

At the end of the lecture, certificates were handed over to the specialists who participated in the conference, Brigadier General Julio Cesar Barrios Carrillo, Engineer Severiano Andrade Azua, and Engineer Alfredo Bautista Hernandez, whom the students thanked for their learning. Likewise, the company’s Accesst Training Center was thanked for the interest extended to this study house.

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