What happened between Patricia Corsino and Christina Porta?: “OK” from the inseparable friends at LCDLF

A friendship between the former participants of the fourth season Home of the famous, Patricia Corsino and Christina PortaShe is not as strong as she was shown when they were both on the reality show.

What happened?

Patricia and Christina They were good friends and pillars of 'Cuarto Fuego', but during an interview on the program “Detrás de La Casa” on Telemundo 62 Philadelphia, At the moment, the Spanish communicator admitted that among all the participants of the reality show, there is another one that he considers a friend..

“For me, friendship is a very big word and till date I have only one friend, a true friend. Serath Showed in and out of the house and helps me a lot. I have a good relationship with Patricia, we've talked and there are things she says that I don't like” Cristina revealed.

“I want to make it clear that now there is a lot of controversy over the Paulo issue that I took off Paulo's bracelet. No, I didn't take off Paulo's bracelet, I took off the fire bracelet I shared with Patricia. I sensed disappointment on the part of those two men. Well, Paulo is the one who left, well, this creates more controversy, and I understand that my bad relationship with Paulo creates more controversy. Not so, I've seen and talked about things I didn't like inside and outside the house while I was there. With Patricia, the relationship is fine, but I can't talk about friendship yet“, the communicator said, adding his spontaneous catchphrase to the reality show “See you later, Maricarmen!”, among others.

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