Lyric Secrets of Session #53 by Shakira and Bizarre

AndI know the song of the moment around the world, it’s on everyone’s lips. The Shakira and Pisarab session #53 With lyrics about the divorce between the Colombian and Gerard Pique, it’s breaking records for views and downloads. Kaidin, who co-wrote the song with Shakira, revealed some compositional secrets for Molusco TV’s music show.

“Yes, we had to remove the strong stuff. We changed some parts, because some things could happen, we changed the verses many times, we had to change them more meticulously, because we were looking for the right point, not going too far, not sounding too loud.” Soft,” he said.

“I proposed Sal-Pix, which was originally ‘Ain’t Too Much Wip in That Chili Pepper.’ And Shakira brought out ‘Clear Mind,’ and that’s something that should have been in the song, yeah. It never occurred to me that ‘I’m Worth Two 22s.’ It was hers.” . That’s really hard. Shakira composed the music for it, and I helped her rhyme, but Shak was the composer,” he said.

Who is Caitlin?

Kevin Mauricio Cruz Moreno, better known as Caidin, is a 26-year-old Colombian composer. Juanes, Maluma, Carol G., J. He has worked for artists such as Balvin or Ed Sheeran. He had already collaborated with Shakira on “Monotona” and “Te felicito”, two other songs after her divorce that contained clear references to her ex-partner Gerard Piqu.

Her signature reads, “Women Cry No More, Women’s Bill.” Shakira is always going to sing what she feels like; She wants to show what she experienced. As hateful as other artists or not, they bring you a badass song and make you feel it. Shakira has to live it up. “When she’s in love she makes you a love song and when she’s angry she makes you a hate song because she wants to show what she’s feeling,” he said.

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“She told me I want this, I want this, and the song just came out,” said the Colombian, who received praise from Bisrap for being able to put together the lyrics to a song that made history with Shakira.

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