Lupilo Rivera doesn't plan to visit Maribili again

As recorded, through the screens, Home of the famous, in its fourth installment, developed strong conflicts and great rivalries; One of them was in between Maribili Rivera And Lubilo Rivera, who show more and more displeasure with each other every day. Now, the singer mentioned who he wants to be friends with outside of the popular Telemundo reality show, and he didn't mention the Dominican model.

When this happened, Gala Carol JosephEntertainment teacher Spanish peopleAsked the artist the following: “Lupillo, when you leave The House of the Famous, will you resume your friendship with any member of the 'Tierra' room? Who will it be, and will you invite them to your home?”

“There are a couple of people I'm starting a relationship with again. Clovis He is a person I love very much, a very talented person. Divaja “It's a heart with two legs that walks everywhere,” answered Lubillo, “and I used to get along well at one time. Rome, I will also have a relationship with him. Being inside here, we don't know what's going on outside, so here you think one thing, and when you leave it might be something else. So if God gives me the opportunity to regain a relationship and friendship with the fourth earth, I will gladly do it.

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But that was not all, when another journalist asked Maribili who he would never see again, he said it was his brother. Jenny Rivera; He replied that he did not want to have any new association with the businessman.

Everything points to Maribili and Lupilo Rivera not wanting to iron out the rough edges that arose during the broadcast. Home of the famous It has become an event full of maneuvers, strategies and alliances between the members with the sole aim of staying till the end.

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