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She is a talented actress, she always wants to show more involvement in her characters, so she adds her own connection to be more believable; One of the last things he did in the production, we mention, “”(2021), where he plays Marcela Pribisca de Bones, a mother who lives in pain and despair after her daughter goes missing.

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From the beginning, although he embodied the role he was to play in thriller and police drama, what the Bolivian model and singer never thought of was that his role lived on the edge inside and outside recording studios.

That’s it Marcela’s frustration at always struggling to find Frieda’s whereabouts made her feel sorry for herself as it was hard for her to let go of the emotions the woman felt in the story., Affects his life behind the scenes.

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The Bolivian actress said she now understands the pain of a mother or father when her son goes missing. (Photo: Gimina Herrera / Instagram)

Serious role in your career

“It was undoubtedly the most complex character I have ever encountered in my entire life. He has been a character I can not sleep with. I climbed into mom’s shoes. I was upset all day. If you watch the story all the time, there are emotional scenes from the first episode. Gave -19 twice. “, The 41-year-old actress revealed in an interview .

Due to the psychological problem he began to develop, it affected his health, and it occurred to Herrera that he would never be able to get rid of the restless life he had sunk after participating in the soap opera.

When the series was over, he said he was still being harassed, even though he already knew he was not going to record. “I tried to go back to the situation from chapters 1 to 80. This is the most tiring thing I have ever done in my career. I assure you it took me a week or 10 days to get a good night’s sleep. Go back to sleep.”, He said in conversation .

In 2013 he participated "Lord of the heavens", For which he was nominated with Raphael Amaya in the category of the perfect couple at the Tu Mundo Awards, in addition to receiving another nomination as a favorite protagonist.  (Photo: Gimina Herrera / Instagram)
In 2013, she starred in “The Lord of the Skies”, for which she was nominated in the category of the perfect couple at the Tu Tundo Awards with Rafael Amaya, in addition to receiving another nomination as a favorite protagonist. (Photo: Gimina Herrera / Instagram)

It was too late to leave the character

In another interview with the press He said it was difficult to leave his character. “The problem is getting out of something strong like this, because every day for four months and 80 episodes of suffering like Magdalena, in conflict … he manages the tension over a period of time and works since Monday maintains the most emotions on Saturday. Takes a body bill strongly.”.

After that, he had to see a doctor because he felt terrible. “I told him [al doctor]: ‘I think I’m going to die, this is more stress, more stress for the character.’ The doctor explained to me: ‘What happens in gymnasium is that your body does not agree that this is not true, that the body thinks you have really lost a loved one or that you can not find a loved one, that charges you’, and then the exhaustion is complete “.

Although it was all psychological, she had to take vitamins and meditation to cope with the process. At another time, he pointed out that this role helped people to be more compassionate towards those who lose loved ones.

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