Ninel Conde sets the trend with a lace swimsuit

There are celebrities who leave an indelible mark on the entertainment world, in this case Ninal Khande One of them, and the actress was able to stand out on television by participating in several soap operas and series; But she has also ventured into other aspects like music and modeling. The 'Bamboo Assassino' who has lived in Miami for over 15 years confirms that she is one of the most beautiful women and she proved it. Swimwear And with that she showed off her curves.

Ninal Khande She is usually always in the media for her actions and receiving some criticism, and the Mexican actress has been subjected to some negative comments from some colleagues due to her aesthetic touches or her romantic situation. What caused concern and debate was that he was filmed riding a bicycle and fell in the middle of the ride, generating both positive and negative comments.

For a few years now Ninal Khande He is not participating in a fictional or reality television program, but he continues his career as a singer and in a few months, he will return to his home country to give a concert. However, she is very good at creating content and has her own fans profile where subscribers can access exclusive material such as racy photos and videos.

On his Instagram account, which has nearly six million followers, Ninel Number He confirmed why he was nicknamed 'El Pompon Assassino' and shared the most compromising publication, which is what he can be seen wearing. Swimwear With lace she showed off her features from different angles, especially her back, a body part that knows how to keep it in shape.

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In other posts, Ninal Khande Considering she wears very tight swimwear, she reveals her more sensual and daring side with posts that steal the flashes and hearts of her fans, in which her front and back attributes are in the limelight. Killer Hottie knows how to be at 47.

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