Alejandro Fernandez is back with Carla Lavega! This is how he celebrated his birthday: Photos

Alejandro Fernandez In recent weeks it has been in difficult times. First to him and his family, The Health of Don Vicente Fernandez, Who was tender in the hospital. But, fortunately, he got support and warmth Their children, brothers and mother.

Add to this the warmth and support circle Chick Once upon a time came the image of a woman who gave him a lot of meaning Carla Lavega, He was seen with him Social Websites Also, it is true that shortly after confirming whether or not they returned to a romantic relationship, Alejandro celebrated his birthday with the utmost love and beautiful details.

Alejandro Fernandez wishes Carla a happy birthday

Thus it was said Alejandro Fernandez In your account instagram @alexoficial As well as he shared a couple of pictures next to her, and, incidentally, with memories of a woman who symbolized his life with a loving and affectionate sentence.

In this happy moment, she pressed one of the pictures around Alejandro’s neck, a sign of the empathy and love that was in effect between them and on this occasion she did not stop announcing.

“Lady! Congratulations on your day today! Congratulations today and forever. I appreciate you so much for everything and I know the best is yet to come! Always gives you characteristics !!!!”, Alejandro Fernandez noted.

Carla Lavega falls in love with him and leaves his way

When Alejandro showed the couple pictures, Carla Lavega She was not far behind and shared various stories of people who greeted her or spent this birthday with her. Most important, without a doubt, is Alejandro, who has been in his 5 stories for the past 24 hours.

With loving phrases, hearts and more affection, Carla allowed herself to be loved Fol and enjoyed his presence, She did not want to leave herself for a moment.

They were both happy with their friends.

The official celebration cannot be missed.

They have been dating for 7 years

Alejandro Fernandez ended his relationship Carla Lavega in 2019, Then They have been together for 7 years. Rumors of the singer returning with the Guadalajara model were recorded a year ago, in September 2020, when they were seen dancing.

Also, it all refers to the fact that they were on vacation together in Spain a few weeks ago, when Alejandro recently settled down to start preparing for his tour. United States.

Currently, Alejandro Fernandez is 50 years old and Lavega is 29 years old.

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