Alida Nunes is modeling a short dress that reveals her sexy legs.

Alida Nunes Not only has she gained public recognition for her work as an actress and singer, but she has also become one of the spoilers on social networks, where she shares her charms. Photos, in which she reveals her luxurious portrait. Although she usually wears short bikinis, shorts or tight sportswear, this time Caused a stir with the mini dress With that he was able to raise the temperature.

Undoubtedly the outfit is one of the most familiar outfits to the entrepreneur, because thanks to these little outfits, he shows off his stylized legs right in front of the cameras, which is why he won about 3 hits. Millions of users currently follow her on her official Instagram account.

The publication he shared this Monday is an example of this, for which he chose The glamorous dress in black maximized the beauty of her pronounced curves, He added with the phrase: “Winter feels closer every day“.

Sitting in an armchair and on camera in profile, Jalisco’s Lagos de Moreno, who managed to grab the attention of nearly 30,000 followers, said they loved the picture. In addition, they sent her hundreds of complimentary messages in which they highlighted the completeness of her curves.

The celebrity, who aired the play ‘Amore de Dress’ last weekend, shared her love for fitness and discipline on other occasions, which led to a heart attack, which is why she provoked her loyal fans with a hot video. In it he showed only some of the exercises he does in the gym, where he wears tight sportswear that reveals his curves.

“Love your body as it is, Here I am carrying 85 kg But after many years of training; Weight is not important It is important to take care of your body and stay healthy“Never give up on yourself,” he pointed out below the record, which records more than 200,000 reproductions.

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