Creasy Ortega doesn't want to see Milena Jared even though she's in America: “I won't even let my kids, she blasphemed” | Showbiz | programs

Greasy Ortega He said he was not interested in seeing his younger sister. Milena ZarateAfter finding out that he was on holiday in America.

“I know she's here, but I'm not interested in seeing her or I don't let my kids go. I'll never forget him sitting on the TV set and swearing at my kids. My kids don't need more love than I do,” Ortega said.

Milena doesn't want to see Creasy either

In an interview with Drome, Milena Zarate He denied that he had any intention of reuniting with his sister, Chrissy Ortega, who lives in the US.

“I am going on a musical tour to America on the 14th, with my boyfriend and daughter. I also see my brother Juan Carlos”, Zárate is mentioned.

Your sister Creasy is in America. Do you rule out seeing her again?

Yes, people are like that, she has a bad temper and her actions always show shady things that I don't want to be a part of or get involved in. However, I hope to be able to see my nephews (Gracie's children).)

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