Aleida Núñez talks about her relationship with a billion and faces teasing on social networks

Aleida Nuñez / Mexico Agency

Aleida Núñez continues to face comments and memes about her recent trip to the Middle East, a release promising to thank her “sugar daddy”.

His presence in the forum of the show Today, The actress deliberately denied that the person with whom she went on a trip did not pay for it, noting that she had been thinking about those holidays for a long time.

“I had somehow planned … I got a place to go there in December and welcome that year, yes, awesome! I’m already in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Istanbul and Cappadocia … and I’ve seen them put up photos …”, in this regard Commented.

But when looking at pictures with American businessman Papa Salsbury, 51, Alida added: “You know my version is important because they always wander or write. I met him in October last year, and he introduced us for many years. A mutual friend I know, we were in San Miguel de Allende, and from there we got used to the fact that she started seeing me here in Mexico, she is from Texas. Go to these places on New Year’s Eve. Why not go together? ‘ We decided to go there and see how it was, but nothing about websites or anything, he’s a very respectable person. “

Aleida Nuñez Partner / Respectfully

Aleida Nuñez Partner / Respectfully

To the direct question of whether they were boyfriends or girlfriends, Nunes also mentioned the nickname “sugar daddy” that they gave to their searcher. “That’s what I said, why did we start putting on titles? Ugly, we started dating in October, what’s going on, apparently to create a serious relationship, well, he’s the one who created all the publications. He is alone, and nothing has happened to me.

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Finally, Alida wanted to take the monument of a religious seal with humor, in which a prayer is dedicated so that the reader gets the same luck and sees himself as a millionaire.

Aleida Nuñez / Cortesía

Aleida Nuñez / Courtesy

“How funny! … When you love yourself, I think someone can love you. It’s so beautiful, it’s something you create in life. Queens, we do not need a prince by our side ‘, beyond that I always think of a wise man, a man who respects me, who wants to protect me, who does not want to go. “

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