Samarios join the campaign ‘Yo Cuido Mi Espacio Público’

The District Mayor’s Office, through the Government Secretariat and its Public Space Defense Unit, Udep continues to reach different sectors of the city with the Yo Cuido Mi Espacio Público campaign, to which more than 100 samarians have joined the actions to care for and preserve the space that belongs to everyone.

“What is sought is that the community itself becomes a manager of public space and they themselves reject the misuses that are given to it; likewise, that they work on the application of actions that seek to take care of and keep the space that belongs to everyone free of any invasion. At the moment we have already impacted more than 100 people in different neighborhoods of Santa Marta and we are going to continue working in the different localities to generate this type of pedagogies that allow us to raise awareness in the community ”, stated the Secretary of Government, Marcelino K ´David Rada.

In total, there are already 36 neighborhood leaders who have become managers of public space, monitoring, caring for and preserving these areas, as is the case of the El Cisne and Villa Mercedes neighborhoods, being in turn, spokespersons for their community, on the importance of not littering, keeping green areas clean, not obstructing the pedestrian crossing and not damaging public property.

Removal of advertising elements and cleaning days

In developing a visual decontamination campaign, staff from the Public Space Defense Unit, Udep, removed illegal advertising that some advertisers had installed on the posts of Avenida del Libertador and Centro Histórico. In this way, Udep carries out its activities to contribute to a cleaner Santa Marta and free of visual contamination.

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Likewise, in order to continue working towards a city that is friendly to the environment and urban planning, together with Dadsa we continue to carry out cleaning days at historic and representative places of the city.

“We have already cleaned more than 120 poles, monuments and parks in the city for the recovery and beautification of these spaces,” said K’David Rada.

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