Journeys to Mars without returning to Earth?

It is inaccurate to say that Alyssa Carson, a 20-year-old American woman born in Hammond, Louisiana, is preparing to become the first man to travel to Mars on a one-way trip because NASA has not yet selected or planned to travel with her. One way location.

Sharing thousands of times through publications in English, social networks in the United States and around the world exchanged messages confirming that Carson “can’t get married” or “can’t have children” because he was “the first man” on Mars, never to return to Earth . “

Viral Facebook posts, for example, cite “Crazy Science and Space Facts”, and many aerospace academies recognize the young woman’s student journey as the first step to reaching the Red Planet.

Other publications compare Carson to the Kendall Jenner model, thanks to his dedication and academic achievements as a real role to play for the daughters of Americans, above celebrities.

“Now he is preparing to be the first man to travel to Mars. Did you hear from her? I think it’s time to reconsider our ambitions and aspirations as a community, don’t you think? ”, They promise.

The truth is that while NASA appreciates the enthusiasm of students like Carson, it has confirmed that it has no relationship with that young woman and did not select the team for its missions to Mars. In the future, it hopes to bring all its astronauts back to the planet.

A spokesman for the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said in a statement: “NASA has a number of options, including engaging with students to promote important missions and space exploration, and we see that students are interested and enthusiastic. “

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However, the aerospace company said in an email that “we do not have a formal relationship with Ms. Carson.”

Although it is true that Carson has participated in many space training programs and internships, as recognized on his own website, with the great ambition of achieving space from the age of 3, he still needs to pursue a process by the company in their space travel.

“We are excited about our manned exploration projects for the Moon and Mars. At this time, we have not yet done any work on Artemis (on a natural satellite) or Mars,” the news agency added.

Until now, NASA has been planning one-way missions to any place in space and has always been thinking about sending its crew back to Earth.

“We look forward to our next steps in deep space, including establishing a long-term presence on the moon and around it, where we will be preparing to send astronauts to explore the red planet, and we will always take our crew home,” the company said.

It is rumored that young Alyssa Carson will be sent to Mars by NASA on a one-way trip.

Mars has become a frenzy for NASA. Since the Curiosity rover landed on the planet in 2012 and diligently landed there last February, the mysteries of the place have become relevant to scientists, who, with their sophisticated equipment, have collected samples to identify potential organic matter, fragments that will keep living creatures back to Earth in the future.

In fact, NASA researchers said in May that the planet may contain organic salts or carbon salts, which, if confirmed, could have impacts on the planet’s habitat in the past because they may have been formed by geological processes or may be remnants of ancient microbial life.

According to NASA’s Impulse Laboratory, the team’s experiments by analyzing data from one of the Curiosity instruments “indirectly indicate the presence of organic salts”.

Next year the European Space Agency’s Exomars mission is scheduled to reach Mars with the Rosalind Franklin rover, which is set to drill up to 2 meters, and carry a tool to analyze the chemistry of those deep layers.

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