What is Neo QLED 8K TV?

Samsung launched its latest line of smart TVs in Colombia, enhanced with artificial intelligence. (Samsung)

Samsung Presented TV serials with iArtificial intelligence Neo QLED 8K and 4K, QLED 4K and sound bars.

According to the company, the TVs with the technology Neo QLED 8KAvailable from 65″ to 85″, they are powered by the latest 8K neural processor which, according to them, combines 20 neural networks into 60, to enjoy a perfectly sharp image, with a high-resolution panel and algorithm patented. Samsung is running a new remastering of HDR, creating image quality that rivals reality.

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As for artificial intelligence, it analyzes and applies high dynamic range effects in real-time, pixel by pixel, making this content brighter and clearer.

In addition, they explain that AI allows the TV to upscale the image to 8K quality Neo QLEDRegardless of the original resolution, thanks to its scaling function.

Limit flag Neo QLED 8K The reference is the Samsung QN800C, which has excellent image quality thanks to Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, thanks to thousands of mini LEDs that improve black level and contrast.

These televisions are designed to match people’s lifestyles. (Samsung)

Creation Screen Elegantly designed in a slim Neo design. It has a 99% screen ratio, which allows the television to be integrated into any space. Additionally, its 90W speakers with Dolby Atmos create surround sound, putting the viewer at the center of the scene.

As for the QN95C, it has the highest picture quality among Samsung’s 4K televisions. His Technology Neo Quantum HDR+ allows excellent brightness and 100% color gamut reproduction, managing all the colors on the panel to project them realistically. Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro function, with 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, allows you to take the gaming experience to a higher level, feeling every movement of the game with amazing fluidity.

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In this sense, the company exemplifies Neo QLED 2023 They offer multi-screen functionality so that users can enjoy up to four contents simultaneously in clear picture quality and with a high level of detail. This way, users can watch sports broadcasts while checking their favorite team’s classification on a website or enjoying two games at the same time, one from their TV signal and the other from social networks. Thus, you can make a group video call while watching the game.

An example of showing the importance of sustainability and the responsibility companies have to protect the planet. (Photo: Freepik)

in the middle Pollution It creates and/or constructs new ones technologies, Samsung says it stands by its commitment Fixed. The company points out that they are currently working to develop products with a life cycle that has a low impact on the environment; An example of this is an environmental remote control with third-generation solar cells, which does not require batteries and is charged using 2.4 GHz radio frequency harvesting technology.

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As described, the invention utilizes signals emitted by Wi-Fi routers, reducing the need for disposable batteries. Many Neo QLED 2023 TVs have received the Carbon Trust’s “Reducing CO2” certification, awarded to a product with a “carbon footprint. Carbon It is decreasing year by year.

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Additionally, users can monitor and control their consumption Energy Your consumption patterns can be activated from your phone or TV through SmartThings and the AI ​​energy saving mode function.

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