Bus Driver Goes Viral in Cuba: See What He’s Doing

Writing CubitaNOW ~ May 19, 2023 Fri

Daniel Gutierrez Girón, a bus driver from Santiago de Cuba, has been going viral on social networks in recent hours.

The man promises to take children and teenagers to school in the morning for free.

“My passengers prioritized school children, pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled and anyone who needed my hand to travel on the A7, Punta Gorda, Santiago de Cuba,” the man said with the video first posted on the Facebook group. Bus drivers forever.

The video has been flooded with comments. “They left some messages such as “You are great, blessings”, “God bless you, there are no more like you”, “Blessings to my brother for such a beautiful creation, I hug my Santiago de Cuba”. Mail.

“Unbelievable, because where I live, don’t ride if you don’t pay, no matter who you are, even humanity is gone in this country. That’s why I’m sharing this post, I wish you many blessings and may God grant you good health. So you continue to help everyone.

Our country needs people like you. You are a hero in these difficult times for us,” one user commented.

One person also questioned his gesture. “Very good. But the school buses are the ones to guess. Well, they are the corporate target. Now the passengers on that route are suffering. I don’t know what the payment system is like in Santiago, for the good heart that the driver here in Havana can’t do,” he told her.

“No passengers were harmed. I just prefer the piece-rate payment system for what you’re doing, and in my opinion it’s been used badly. I have a plan to comply. I comply. I try not to be harmed by it, but my sensitivity to them comes before money.” The driver replied.

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