Live: The legislature is holding its second full session amid threats to sack officials

The initiative was introduced by Christian Guevara, vice president of the New Ideas Party, and FMLN.

With 68 votes, representatives of the new proposals, PTC, PCN, Ghana and FMLN, approved the reform of the printing law in a full session. The demand is to amend Section 8 to exempt the import, manufacture, distribution or sale of printed goods from taxes, duties or charges.

According to the reading opinion, Section 6 of the Book Act establishes that the publication of non-exclusive printers is not free of charge among those regulated.

As the Printing Act contained in its article, it was established: “Printing houses shall not be subject to audit or bail under the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic. Import, manufacture, distribution or sale of printed goods will be exempt from tax, duties or taxes ”.

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As for newspapers, they pay income tax and VAT, and what is coming now is to use tax on the import, production, distribution or sale of printing materials.

According to the reform approved by the Legislature, it states: “Printing companies and publishing houses, which are not exclusively regulated under Article VI of the Book Act, shall not enjoy exemptions from importing raw materials, income therefrom goods and / or publications for printing of non-intended materials and raw materials; , And they will not enjoy tax deductions for the transfer of movable property and the provision of services. ”

Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya said the government was too low in taxing $ 1.6 million in unpaid newspapers, but the message was “tax justice”.

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This is the law:

This is how the law approved it:

FMLN vice-president Anabel Peloso explained that support for changing the law was not about “revenge” but that the initiative had been discussed in the legislature since 2014.

“As FMLN, we have always believed in the nature of developing a progressive tax policy, i.e. tax justice should be one of the policies governing fundraising in the state where the population is to be invested,” Beloso noted.

However, he asked the Speaker of the Assembly, Ernesto Castro, that they believe that the Assembly will not approve everything from the dynamic process (without prior discussion in the committees) and without knowing the complete program. From May 1 to today, the Legislature has not published the agenda of the complete plans on its website.

He hopes that by reforming the law, the official news outlet Diario El Salvador will not be exempt from paying taxes.

For his part, Johnny Wright, a deputy from the Neustro Timepo party, stressed that the current legislature, dominated by new ideas, expects “revenge and persecution.”

“I voted against the distribution of paperwork by a party organization seeking to tax newspapers. We do not flee from progressive tax reforms, but I oppose being in the commissions at the last minute, and we are excluded from them,” Wright Soul posted on his Twitter account.

Arena vice-president Marcela Villadoro said digital media should also be included and that process discounts for approving initiatives in the new legislature would no longer be a common class. He said they did not have the opportunity to argue because they did not know the meaning of what was to be approved.

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Representatives of the New Ideas Bench held a full session this Wednesday, with opponents from the Arena and FMLN, amid warnings from the majority party that they will continue to lay off more officers today.

At the first full session on May 1, the “Xian” bench dismissed the five judges and the attorney general who were part of the constitutional chamber, without following due process established by the internal rules of the constitution and the legislature.

The Speaker of the Legislature, Ernesto Castro, Deputy Speaker for New Ideas, warned that the measures taken that day would not be stopped at the end of the first full session.

Some surprises can be expected for this plenary session, according to information handled by opposition representatives, but not yet confirmed, by the judges of the Republican Accounts Court, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the buyer for protection of human rights, and Apollo Dober.

There is also talk of the outrage of ARENA and FMLN representatives. According to lawyer Fabio Castillo, it could even be the establishment of a Constituent Assembly.

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“I am afraid that this legislature, which has outdated arguments, may convene a Constituent Assembly,” Castillo said.

It is based on its fears of the government’s intentions to reform the Republican Constitution, aimed at allowing presidential re-election and other stone articles that cannot be reformed.

His concern is that the legislature is tearing down the constitutional chamber that guarantees that these articles are respected.

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The full session is scheduled for ten o’clock this Wednesday. Representatives of the New Ideas Party argue on their social media that everything that has been done is in response to the outcry of the citizens who voted in the February 28 referendum.

During a meeting with diplomatic missions, President Naib Bukhale expressed his deep concern over the dismissal of Supreme Court judges and lawyers.

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