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Google will make changes to some products, including Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive.

In November last year, Google announced changes to some of its products Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive (Including Google Jumper, Sites, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Maps and Forms).

The company said these changes They will come into effect from June 1 These will reflect Accounts are inactive or exceed the quota of space available for two years Or more, i.e. the effects of this change will be clear from 2023 onwards.

Google’s free storage quota is 15GB, This includes content held by the user in Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. Once that space is used up, and if needed, Google One membership must be contracted, the savings service the company will have since 2018.

Consequences of running out of space

The moment a user runs out of space You can no longer continue to upload files or images from Google Drive Do not back up photos or videos to Google Photos in original quality.

According to Google, as of June 1, not all multimedia content stored at “high quality” (which is lower resolution than the original) will be available. However, after that date, photos and videos will be saved in any quality (high or original) Occupy storage allocation.

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If the user loses space, they can continue to access their Google Account, You cannot send or receive emails using Gmail. To resolve it, you no longer need to free up space, delete emails, multimedia content, files, etc. Gets extra space on Google One.

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Other effects

Violators of space allocation two years or earlier and not to buy or purchase more space, They will lose Gmail, Drive and all photos. This will happen if you have an inactive account for two years or more, which means you will not be able to use it. The simplest way to keep your data active is to periodically visit Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive.

But Google does not delete content without first sending an email notification. The Company explains in its Terms and Conditions The user will be contacted at least three months in advance Requirements for deleting content are met.

How to free up space in Google Drive?

The person may also have the opportunity Clean up the content you don’t need or buy more space so your files are protected. Another option is to download and back up all the files in the Google services. (I)

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