NASA has recorded the strongest solar flare in nearly two decades

Florida, USA.

A strong sunlight, The largest in current Bicycle 11, was recorded by the prediction center on Tuesday afternoon Climate National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Agency (NOAA).

This is the seventeenth Sun light So far recorded, X8.7 and considered the most extreme class A serious possibilityRecorded in the same area as the stimulus Geomagnetic storm and Spectacular Aurora BorealisAccording to NASA.

Powerful Solar storms They can “push Auroras and to more southern latitudes,” said the US space agency NASA. Currently, the sun Near its maximum activity, a Bicycle Repeat that 11 years.

The stunning auroras seen across many parts of the world over the weekend disappeared on Monday, along with the massive solar storms that caused them.and moved away from the earthThe scientists said Monday.

Spectacular northern lights are captured in most parts of the world.

From Friday, the A very powerful solar storm It destroyed our planet for more than two decades It lit up the night sky Dazzling auroras in the United States, Tasmania, the Bahamas and elsewhere are far from the extreme latitudes normally seen.

But Eric Lagatek, an astrophysicist at France's Cote d'Azur Observatory, told AFP.Very interesting” This is rare eventor has come to an end.

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The first of many coronal mass ejections (CMEs), Plasma dischargesoh Sun's magnetic fields, According to US-based NOAA, it occurred just after 4:00pm GMT on Friday.

This event was later promoted Geomagnetic storm “Extreme”, first “Halloween storms October 2003, it caused blackout Electricity infrastructure was damaged in Sweden and South Africa.

Excitement for the event – ​​and for the incredible photos of pink, green and purple night skies – rose around the world. the worldFrom Austria to Argentina, passing through America, Russia and New Zealand.

The solar storm emerged from a large cluster Sun spots 17 times wider than land

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