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In the middle of the summit that brought together the leaders of the G7, the leader United States, Joe Biden, starred in a particular event.

A Video It went viral, with the president entering a restaurant on the premises where the meeting between himself and other presidents took place.

Surprisingly, the US President went to the wrong place because there was a meeting place for some journalists who covered the event.

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One of the reporters tried to ease the awkward moment by asking Pitton and him and his colleagues how the summit was changing.

To which he replied: β€œThis is going well”.

(Can you read us from the EL TIEMPO application? Here You can see the post).

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Later, his wife called the US president and freed him from the ‘blooper’ he had made.

It should be noted that this is the summit G7He discussed topics such as the recovery from the epidemic, the fight against the climate crisis, the cyber attacks launched by Russia and China’s nuclear situation, and began Biden’s first international trip since becoming US president.

Biden’s next stop is Brussels, Belgium, for a summit hosted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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It warned of “legitimate challenges” posed by China and warned Russia to respect international standards.

Now, Biden will travel to Geneva, Switzerland Meeting He will be accompanied by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It will be a meeting of the two leaders June 16.


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