Pachuca Hits No One: Almada Lectures Against America

Pachuca de Almada took down the formidable United States thanks to their excellent skills, youth and the sheer commitment of determined foreigners.

LOS ANGELES — It was vilified because of its addiction and corruption. success – Exemplary – Pachuca by Guillermo AlmadaExile the owner's dreams AmericaClub World Cup players.

Emilio Ascaraga Jean wanted to wave his torch in that FIFA tournament, trying to match Rayados' display against Liverpool or Tigres' final. It was unlikely: his team of millionaire footballers brought him only ashes and candles.

Pachuca's exhibition is vilified, glamorous, extravagant, critical, and attempts to denigrate America. And some analysts' wild-card escape: “America is playing nothing.” “America knows nothing and has no ability to respond.”

Obviously, portraying America as a rag, a rag, like arguments with El Nido as a general leader (not a super leader), creates the impression that Pachuca was a scapegoat, a scapegoat, and transcended. No sustenance beyond 17 dates.

Let's be clear, the Hidalgo hunter took down an enormous animal with his best attitudes and his best skills. High-level hunting, that's what Tussos achieved, and it is necessary to emphasize the absolute commitment of the kids in his team and the demonstration of determined foreign footballers.

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Understand this: For the American soldier to function, he must live under a dangerous regime of physical and mental exploitation. In Pachuca, despite the apparent physical exploitation that responds with dynamism, intensity and commitment, the ability of its footballers to express themselves stands out.

Also, the soccer player in America is reluctant to get dirty. On the other hand, in Pachuca they focus on fighting and purify themselves with the basic instincts of a footballer.

For this reason, understand, there were American soldiers with little mileage on the verge of cramping, while the troops of Guillermo Almada under the protection of Professor Rubens Valenzuela did not make this effort a fun and painful one.

But, on the benches, Pachuca's superiority over America was determined in time. Today, it's clear that Almada is more of a leader and strategist than André Jardin, who went from endearing Brazilian comedy to frenzy on Tuesday night.



'Tuga' Ferretti did not hide his joy after being kicked out of the US

Pachuca left the USA in the semi-finals and Riccardo Ferretti did not hide his emotions within Picante's analysis.

Before continuing the topic, it is necessary to mention: Hey Grupo Pachuca!, what you are doing with Tusos is very good, but don't forget Jesus Martinez, your greed, your contempt, your irresponsibility and your valematrismo when it comes to football. Player ana camp. A man's health and strength are more important than a CONCACAF final, and certainly, within the ranks of humanity, this is not so evident in the Hidalgo and Guanajuato fiefdoms.

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Let's go back to the tête-à-tête between Almada and Jardine. How the Brazilian repeatedly chokes the Uruguayan's hook has been highlighted in various places over the course of several days.

Pachuca, we have emphasized not to get caught up in football for the sake of football. There, he eats from Jardine's hand.

This Tuesday, America had control of the ball, time and space, truly amazing. However, it is already known that controlling the ball does not mean controlling the game.

For example, moments of possession in this Tuesday's game were 72% for USA and 28% for Pachuca. Yes, Jardine is a victim of Almada's sopata de lomo.

Beyond the perfect ballet of harassment, marking, pressure, intensity and recovery displayed by Pachuca, the useful statistics revealed that the scoreboard was pleased.

America was a poor display of control on the ball, and a caricature in control of the game. What good is 70% or 71% possession if your opponent, with 29% or 30%, has 19 shots on target and kills you with nine of them. Eagles? Seven shots and two shots on target.

What's embarrassing for Jardine is that Almada, the Brazilian coach from San Luis, is applying this lesson to him. And he doesn't understand, he doesn't learn, he doesn't see, or, of course, to shake off that suffocation, he needs timely cooperation without aftertaste on the part of his players. That didn't happen Tuesday night either.

So the success of the Tusos need not be tarnished by anti-American betrayals. El Nido's fall is scandalously juicy, but Pachuca's appeal should be a catechism for all teams in Mexican football.

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But, I insist, don't forget the great performance against Aguilas, Ana Gamba's division says more about Grupo Pachuca than reaching the Concachamps final.

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