Russia bans Joe Biden and other US officials

(CNN) – Russia has imposed sanctions on President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and other US officials, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

“In response to an unprecedented series of sanctions … from March 15 this year, on the ‘allowed list’, on a reciprocal basis, President J. Biden, Secretary of State A. Blingen, Secretary of Defense L. Austin, and Coalition President M. Millie, and Many department heads and well-known American figures, “the statement said.

This retaliatory action is “the inevitable consequence of the very rhetorical path taken by the current US government, which, in its desperate attempt to maintain American hegemony, has neglected all dignity and relied on forward contraction from Russia.”

“At the same time, if they serve our national interests, we will not refuse to maintain official relations. And, if necessary, we will resolve issues arising from the circumstances of those on the ‘permit list’ to regulate high-level contacts. Status,” the report added.

Biden and others allowed by Russia

These are the US citizens who have been added to Russia’s list of allowed persons:

1. Joseph Biden (Joseph Robinet Biden)

2.Anthony Blingen Anthony John Blingen

3. Lloyd Austin (Lloyd James Austin III);

4. Mark Millie (Mark Alexander Millie)

5. Jacob Sullivan (Jacob Jeremiah Sullivan) – National Security Adviser to the President of the United States

6. William Burns (William Joseph Burns) – CIA Director

7. Jennifer Zaki (Jennifer Rene Zaki) – White House spokeswoman

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8. Taleep Singh (Taleep Singh) – US Assistant to the President’s National Security

9. Samantha Power (Samantha Jane Power) – Director of the International Development Agency

10. Hunter Biden (Robert Hunter Biden) – Son of the President of the United States

11. Hillary Clinton (Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton) – Former US presidential candidate.

12. Adewale Adeyemo (Adewale Adeyemo) – Deputy Minister of Finance

13. Reta Jo Lewis (Reta Jo Lewis) – Chairman and Director of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank.

The report also states that there will be additional obstacles to expanding the list of “senior US officials, military, legislators, businessmen, professionals and journalists who contribute to inciting hatred against Russia and journalists who contribute to inciting hatred against Russia.”

The report concludes, “These measures will be implemented in organic solidarity with large-scale decisions by the Government of the Russian Federation on finance, banking and other areas to protect the Russian economy and ensure its sustainable growth.”

The United States is increasing sanctions

For its part, the United States on Tuesday imposed new sanctions on Russia. The Biden administration has targeted 11 Russian military leaders, some of whom have been involved in repressing Russian protesters and protesters in occupied territories in Ukraine, in addition to additional sanctions by the Treasury Department, Secretary-General Blinken said. “The Russian government has intensified its crackdown on the freedom of expression of its own citizens, including members of the press, and on freedom of association and peaceful assembly. In Russia today, those who provide factual information about the invasion or criticize Putin face criminal charges, “said Blingen.

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The move comes as the National Guard “takes stern action against Russian citizens who took to the streets in protest of their government’s brutal campaign in Ukraine,” the secretary-general continued, adding that the list included Russian President Viktor Solodov.

“In addition, Zolotov’s troops are responsible for quelling dissent in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Has caused suffering.Plinken said.

Visa restrictions

“The world changed when Russia launched a planned, unprovoked and unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Russia’s new invasion of Ukraine has resulted in widespread human suffering and casualties, including the deaths of innocent civilians, including children. Today, the State Department continues to allow Russian military leaders to spend heavily. “

The State Department also announced new visa restrictions for 38 current and former Russian government officials believed to be involved in the crackdown on dissent in Russia and abroad. In addition, new restrictions on two agents of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), as well as visa restrictions for 25 individuals undermining democracy in Belarus.

News in development.

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