How Florida’s New Immigration Law Affects Driver’s Licenses from Other States

In the middle of this month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, signed into law a bill that imposes up to 15 years in prison for transporting irregular migrants and fines for companies that employ them. The new law will come into effect from July 1 It could also have ramifications for undocumented people living in other states who plan to move to FloridaAs their driving licenses do not cover that area.

The Republican-backed legislation was called “anti-immigration” by the opposition. It would ban local governments from paying companies that issue ID cards to illegal immigrants. Those issued in other parts of North America will lose their validity and driver’s licenses. In Florida, driving without a valid license is punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine, it says. Legal place, A site specializing in legal issues.

According to experts, these measures will have a direct impact on the state’s tourism, as 60% of visitors arrive by car. “Many of these people who come here to spend money can no longer do so or they end up committing serious crime.”said Phillip Souza LaZapalette, a member of the Hope Community Center in Orlando. Scripps News.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the law on May 10.

For his part, Samuel Vilches Santiago of the American Business Immigration Federation pointed out that tourism is not the only one affected. But commercial traffic to the state will also decrease. “The long-term effect is that people won’t want to come to Florida. It’s very worrying for our economy and it could become a national problem with all these transportation companies having to figure out who can and can’t send to Florida,” he told the outlet, which reported the information.

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The new law of DeSantis It will officially come into effect from July 1. However, its effects are already being felt in society Settled in Florida, especially at work. Some undocumented immigrants were fired, while others decided to leave before the law took effect. Some are still uncertain.

Employers fear that the government will retaliate against them if there are some workers who cannot prove their legal residency in the United States. Even if the penalty is imposed before using this sector, Punishments are severe.

Administration DeSantis Companies with more than 25 employees will be forced to use E-Verify They will carry out audits to verify that all the protocols specified in this process have been complied with.

Many immigrants left the state of Florida before the new law introduced by Ron DeSantisGetty Images via AFP

One of those who decided to stay in Florida Benajmin Perez, 40 years old and originally from Mexico. He lives in Miami with his wife and one of his sons-in-law for two decades. All three work, but none with legal sanction, so their future hangs in the balance.


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