Upholstery hanging from the roof of the car: how to fix it

If your roof upholstery has scratches, rips, stains or falls off, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible if you don’t want to get bad looks from your passengers or if you want to improve the value of your car. Over time, it is normal for these damages to occur but here are some tips for repairing upholstery.

How do you fix the hanging upholstery for your car?

We must first know whether your ceiling is upholstered or of the decorative type. Tapestries are the most common, made of different types of fabrics. Decorations are those made of plastic or its derivatives.

After that, it is important to find out the causes of the damage so that in the future you will not suffer from this type of problem again. Moisture, high temperatures, pollution and other elements affect the interior finish. The most common problem with upholstery is when the fabric is peeling due to the wear and tear of the glue it uses.

Taos also features an optional panoramic sunroof that increases the sense of space inside the cabin. / Image: courtesy Volkswagen.
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Ceiling upholstery repair steps

  • To get started, use vinyl or nitrile gloves to avoid staining the upholstery.
  • Examine the upholstery for damage.
  • If the damage is significant, remove all upholstery, and do so carefully, looking for joints or staples that hold it.
  • When a part is peeled off you can simply apply the sticky glue on the peeled area, to do this the old glue must be removed to use the new glue.
  • If some of the upholstery is not removed, use a hot air blower to loosen the old glue usually around the edges.
  • Once the upholstery is removed, clean the ceiling to remove old gum and other impurities.
  • Find the new fabric by measuring the old upholstery so you can piece it together.
  • Glue the upholstery back together with contact glue for this type of surface that must withstand high temperatures. You should wait about 5 minutes to apply the new adhesive, as the glue has the best adhesion after that time.
  • When you’re taping the upholstery, help yourself with a small plastic trowel so that no air remains.
  • When installing new upholstery, they recommend cleaning with a foam cloth spray to give your new ceiling a fresh, clean finish.
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Remember, these tips are meant to cut costs and prove you can do it yourself, but we always recommend going to a workshop and having it done by a professional.

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