Cuba wants Avianca to return to the island via flights from Colombia

In an interview with Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, Tourism Minister Ivis Fernandez from the Cuban Embassy in Colombia assured that they want the flag carrier Avianca to return to the island to avoid a backlash from the North American embargo. , in January 2020.

According to This is According to the report, the island’s authorities want a large number of Colombian tourists in Cuba, and for this it is necessary for Avianca to resume its routes at least from the coffee capital. The nationality is currently the 12th largest visitor to the island, behind Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy among other European countries.

It’s not something Avianca is far from, because since last year, when the US government began to lift sanctions on the island and Venezuela, airlines in the region gained confidence, the Colombian flag being one of the first. She had Venezuela as a priority, but that first step had already brought her closer to the island.

Flights from Colombia to Cuba

Avianca is the company most used by Cubans, especially for flights to Panama and South America, as it has connections with countries in Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador or Peru. But the company halted ticket sales and said it would be affected by the ban if it continued to operate on the island. Avianca is Colombian, but capitalized and registered in the United States.

In April 2022, the Cuban Airports Agency, known as ECASA, noted on its social networks that “Avianca does not operate in Cuba,” and there has been no news indicating a rapid improvement in the situation. However, with reports from a Cuban official in Colombia, negotiations with Avianca may still be moving forward.

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At the moment, Coba Airlines’ “low-cost” carrier has connections with the Colombian wingo island. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Bogotá to Havana. Medellin to Havana on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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