Has your partner deleted messages on WhatsApp? So you can find out what they said

If you realize that your partner or one of your contacts Deleted messages In chats Share it If you couldn’t read them before, there is a trick to practice and know what they said, although they are deleted when they are repeated. Shameful texts or soft.

Share it It is one Messaging applications Very popular worldwide and has been adding new functions in recent years.

One of the latest updates is Opportunity Sharing screen When we are a Video callEdition Voice notes, Block chatsamong others.

It also allows Delete sent messages When you regret or made wrong chats, this option is not new, but it is widely used.

Trick to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

  • Check if the WhatsApp application is up to date.
  • Within the app, click the three vertical dots at the top on Android.
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ and ‘Notifications’
  • Enable the option that says ‘high priority notifications’
  • Select your partner’s chat to bring up the chat settings.
  • Check that the ‘Disable Notifications’ option is disabled.
  • Then go to ‘Settings’ of your smartphone.
  • Select ‘Notifications’ and ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Now go to ‘Notification History’
  • Activate the only option that appears on the screen

Now you can Check out the news That they send you in Share it And they are deleted because they are stored in them Notification historyIt is important to emphasize that this only works with text messages.


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