Mexican Julio Urias looks for three unique scores when facing Fillis

Mexican Julio Urias He will be looking for three individual points when the Los Angeles Dodgers face Philadelphia Bliss at the Dodgers Stadium at 10:10 ET on Tuesday night.

Trying to be the first 10-game winner of the season in the MLP, Urias is looking for his first double-digit campaign success column, now the sixth season of his career.

The first challenge of the night in his first four battles was getting his 86th strikeout of the season, beating his personal best of 85 on his previous trip, a number he reached in his first season in 2019 when he crossed 84. In 2016.

The left-handed pitcher will enter the game with 78 1/3 innings in 13 starts, reaching his maximum of 79 in two innings from a 1/3 inning in 2019, when he surpassed 77 in his first year. 2016.

Last Thursday, when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the team 6-3 to make it 9-2 in victories and defeats, he matched his best strikeouts against his fifth game. Brian Reynolds Reached 85 in the sixth episode.

Urias has a high 3.56 era in which he has had 10 homers in 13 games, although in his luck seven of them were singles and the other three bases were single runners.

After a couple of road wins, Urias returns to Dodger Stadium, where he released the worst start of the season against the San Francisco Giants on May 29, scoring seven – six – and dropping 11.6 in just five innings.

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Although he was 3-1 at home, he amassed 4.58 runs in 35.1 innings, scoring 36 runs and scoring 20 runs, with just 34 strikeouts. Enemies attacked .265 at Dodger Stadium.

Go right up the hill to the Phillies Zach Eflin, Is 2-5 at 3.89 with 12 starts, of which he has 75 strikeouts in 74 innings. Efflin has lost four of his last five games since his last win on May 7.

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