Liga MX recorded the single digit scorer champion for the second time in its history

Nicolas Lopez and German Ferderrem scored nine goals after 17 dates and shared a scoring championship in Aberdera 2021

Attackers, with nine targets on personal account Nicholas Lopez And German Ferterrem, Playing at Tigres and Atletico de San Luis, respectively, topped the Aberdera 2021 scoring table. For the second time in the history of professional Mexican football, he was crowned a footballer who did not reach the double digit in scoring record.

The only previous precursor was Clausura 2017, the Peruvian in this competition Raul Ruidias, Current Seattle Saunders footballer breaks nets nine times with Morelia He also endorsed the scepter as the highest breaker to win a match again, thanks to eleven shots on the web.

Nicolas Lopez begins his career against Puebla on May 4, 1-1 draw against Strip at Cuauhtémoc Stadium; A week later, he made a double deal against ‘Diant’ Guerrero, Won 3-0.

In view Mazatlon FCOn the 6th, he collaborated on his third fight in the electronic one because again he doubled the victory to 3 to 0, while against the 7th he increased the series slightly. Atlas, In a fight that ended in a goal draw.

The Uruguayan went without looking at the door on six dates and he scored again before பச்சுகாThe Cats won 3-0 on May 14th.

In the last game of the regular phase, the 28-year-old Uruguayan topped the individual competition with the third double of the semester. FC Jurassic, Won 3-0.

For its part, German Ferterrem began his scoring journey against Poomas on match 3 and collaborated with Cats 3-1.. Four days later, Atletico de San Luis goalkeeper Mazatlon scored another goal in a two-goal tie against FC, and a week later came his third in a points distribution with Puebla (2-2).

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Over the next two days, the 22-year-old Argentina showed muscle and helped his team to two more wins with 5 goals, each of which he signed three times against. Tijuana (4-1) and double against Toluca (1-2)

Finally, on the 15th he scored his ninth goal of the semester against Atlas, with the Bodochi Club winning 6-2.

In the 1932-33 season, this was notable. Peruvian Julio Lorres won the title of highest scorer in the football cycle, but the professional era of Mexican football was born during the 1943-44 campaign..

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