Pedro Pierluisi is betting that the legislature will block changes in the pensions of teachers and judges.

The day before the hearings began, the governor confirmed the debt adjustment plan (PDA) Pedro Pierre Lucy This Sunday the Financial Supervision Board (JSF) is still pushing for a revision of the pension system for teachers and judges, but he hopes they can prevent it from the legislature.

The important thing is zero cuts for retirees. No pensioner is going to see a reduction in his or her pension. On the other hand, the Board basically insists on reforming the pension system for teachers and judges. But I think it needs legislation, “said Byrne, who was present at the governor’s event in Telemundo.

“So, even if you want to, the issue has not been discussed in the legislature. He must come back to the Legislature. However, my commitment and the determination of all elected leaders in Puerto Rico to respect pensions. BNo matter what happens, when the state’s finances are better, we will honor them”, The CEO added.

Federal Judge Laura Taylor Swine Under the Promessa Act, a ten-day, and Puerto Rican delegation-led inquiry will be held, which will give the island’s creditors a break to pay and begin the restructuring process.

Representatives of the Puerto Rican government will be responsible for enforcing the PDA.

The PDA implementation law was recently approved by the legislature, but it still faces serious questions from departments that understand it is not the best business for Puerto Rico in terms of debt restructuring.

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