Anthony Hopkins shows off his dancing skills while cooking

Anthony Hopkins shared a video on TikTok where he dances to the piece “Mambo Italiano” while cooking Credit: TikTok/Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins She stunned her followers by sharing a video on her social media accounts on Sunday. TikTok And instagram In it he showcases his rumba skills while cooking. The iconic 85-year-old British actor, known for his varied performances in films and plays over seven decades, has given a lighter side to his persona.

A two-time winner Academy Award started his lively dance to the rhythm of Italian mambo, between your chrome stove and your kitchen island. Devoted to following the rhythms and lines of the melody, he would be deeply engrossed in the music, sometimes with his eyes closed and arms and hands moving to chest height.

As the video progresses, it indicates that items are found on the kitchen island Hopkins She was preparing Italian food while dancing. Speculations about this have been confirmed by the written article Bob Merrill And performed in this edition Dean Martin plays in the backgroundPerfectly complements Italian cuisine.

Anthony Hopkins dances to the tune of “Mambo Italiano” in his kitchen (Credit: Instagram/Anthony Hopkins)

The four-time winner is dressed casually in black sweatpants and a matching T-shirt BAFTA He continued to dance when he heard the crooner sing.Try the enchilada with fish baccala, hey goomba, I love how you dance the rumba”. At the end of the video, Sir AnthonyBy whom he was knighted Queen Isabel II For Services to Drama in 1993, she looked directly into the camera with a beaming smile.

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The video was well-received by her followers on social media, who appreciated her joy and energy despite her age. Some users refer to his popular character Dr. Hannibal Lecter, charismatic and Machiavellian cannibals The films “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991), “Hannibal” (2001) and “Red Dragon” (2002).

Watching Anthony Hopkins cook so happily, fans couldn’t help but compare him to his character Hannibal Lecter.

Spontaneity and happiness Hopkins While dancing in the kitchen and preparing food, he moved his countless fans with comments like “I love you”, “He’s the best actor in the world” and “It made my heart smile”, “It’s a joy”. To see him so happy and beautiful! A hug sir!”

Anthony Hopkins will return to the big screen as the controversial neurologist in “FREUD’S LAST SESSION” (Credit: YouTube/OneMedia

Against all odds, Hopkins continues to act, his most recent production Armageddon time. Also, the actor is gearing up to return to the sets Freud’s last session, where he would play Sigmund Freud in the last years of his life. In a recent interview with CountryAsked if Anthony still loves acting at this point in his career, the actor admitted:

“More than ever. But I enjoy my work methods. I can’t say I work hard because I enjoy it, so it’s hard work. I enjoy learning the texts, learning the words very quickly and breaking them up. Break the lines so they’re real, natural. That’s it. It takes a long time to get. I have a lot of experience over the years so I know all the shortcuts. I feel like when I come to a scene or a set, I can relax.”.

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