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Host Saudi Rivera celebrates her husband Ivan Rivera's recovery after his stroke in April 2022.

“My husband is 100%,” Rivera said SpeakerSuper Chef is one of the 12 contestants in the new reality show, which will hit the screens on Waaba TV in May.

The professional firefighter, who has already returned to work, received occupational, physical and speech therapy at his home for about a year. In the process, he enlisted the help of his wife and his daughters, Valeria and Valentina, who were instrumental in his recovery.

Two years after the event, Saudi enjoys the happiness of her daughters and the strength she gained after the family trial.

Ivan Rivera returned to his job as a firefighter. provided

“The girls are very old. Valeria is already 22 years old, Valentina is 13 years old, it is believed that she is 28 years old. She wants to take on the world, but we take her quietly,” he said.

In fact, his elder daughter, who has completed her culinary studies and is in charge of Sweets Gallery in Saudi, has been coaching and mentoring him ahead of SuperChef celebrity recordings.

Although Rivera says he is a fan of gastronomy and comes from a family where the majority are restaurateurs, he admits he doesn't cook because “I came home so late every day that I didn't have time to cook.”

“I'm one of those people who eats out a lot, but I really enjoy gastronomy. The challenge is learning to bring food, that is, what you eat, to the stove. That's the challenge. “It just blew my mind, and I thought it was really funny, and that's why I agreed to enter the program,” He said.

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The host of Lo Say Dodo wants to surprise and outdo himself in the cooking competition. Braulio Castillo, Gricel Mamery, Luisito Vigoreaux, Melina León, Jennifer Fungenzi, Ivan Calderon, Yaiza Figueroa, Franco Micheo, Luis Morales “Bebesauro”, Miss Gala and Giancarlo Cavallero will face Rivera today.

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Wapa reveals the ingredients of his new TV recipe to attract viewers to Super Chef Celebrity, which airs from Monday.

Expect your competition

Soudy will begin to identify who will be his direct competition in the kitchen located in the Louis Viocracs studio, highlighting the presence of certain personalities.

“I see Luisito Viocracs here, and I want to hit him with the heel of his shoe, because as always he sold what he didn't know, and he had his little book. But I'm going to have a lot of fun with Luisito. “I love Melina Leon walking from the stage into the kitchen,” he said. He commented jokingly.

Chef Enrique Piñeiro, Chef Giovanna Huyque and Pitmaster José Edgardo Luca will be in charge of setting challenges for the contestants and judging the recipes they make.

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Clinging to her faith and with renewed hope, journalist Saudi Rivera faces her husband Ivan Rivera's recovery process.

The winner of the first season of Super Chef Celebrity Presented by Louis Bones will take home a $40,000 prize.

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