Lupilo Rivera accused Maribili of verbally abusing her and showing her 'private parts'

Lubilo Rivera And Maribili Rivera There was a fierce conflict between them Home of the famous (Telemundo). This time the Mexican singer threatened to sue the Puerto Rican businessman, who was not silent.

Lubillo accused Maribili of verbally abusing her and showing her “private parts”. “Other things happened in the house, and if a man had done them, they would have taken us out already,” said Bull of Garrido. “How many people have you shown your private parts to? He's shown them to me a few times. “It's all 24/7,” he said.

Lubillo asked the network to take action on the matter. “I say this because values ​​are equal, there are no better values ​​or lesser values. “So, I want to ask, Telemundo, NBC Universal, when are you going to allow this woman to be so abused on this program?” he added. “In your hands and you ” If they're not on hand, my daughters are recorded 24/7.”

Alberto E. Tamarco/Ciba USQ/The Crosby Group; Alma Solomon/The Crosby Group

Brother of Jenny Rivera He continued: “Remember, defamation laws are very clear.” Maribili did not sit idly by.

“What are you talking about values? What are you talking about lying? What are you talking about being truthful if you are the most treacherous, most slanderous, most abusive man? What are you talking about! I am not afraid of you coming to sue me,” my lawyers said. I have I can ship them to you so you don't have to go to Miami, I'll ship them to Mexico. Don't you scare me”.

In the full broadcast he addressed the network: “Telemundo, how long is this man going to be here slandering, slandering, abusing women?” Looking at Lubilo in front, he said: “I am not showing you my private parts. Now, ​​​​​​I change, if you are near me and you want to see my private parts, those are different things.”

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The model and entrepreneur told the singer: “You're afraid of me because you know I'm a strong candidate. I'm real and I mean it.”

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